Mid-Week Sit-Down

Thank you all for taking the time to read Atom & Go. There has been quite an outpouring of readers and that makes it all the easier to keep writing. Some of you have commented and some of you have sent me private messages about the story and that causes bouts of fist pumping, solo slam dancing, and silent screams of triumph.

Please, keep reading and share with friends and enemies alike.

In case you haven’t figured it out, Atom & Go: Genesis is a sci-fi/western. I have drawn influences from Firefly (the original space/western), a healthy dose of chanbara (Japanese samurai films), and don’t forget the hours of chasing/play-fighting/LEGO building/parenting that go into the duo that is Atom and Margo.

As I am running through a final edit to post episodes, I am also prepping for an e-publication on Amazon. Just know that at some point in the near future Atom & Go: Genesis will be available to purchase as a whole.

Keep reading. Keep sharing. Keep on misbehaving.

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