I am currently a stay at home dad who writes furiously during nap time. I live in Western New York with my wife, a mermaid, a cheetah, and Boba Fett.

Atom & Go – a short synopsis:

Atom Ulvan Meriwether, Lord High Admiral, is disgraced and dishonored by a rival han. Before he can plead his case before the emperor, his family and whole clan are massacred. Fleeing the attack, Atom manages to save his two year old daughter and together he and Margo are cast to the astral winds. Hopping from planet to planet, they must stay ahead of their pursuers while carving a life as drifting merchant-folk. Atom also uses his skills as a gunslinger to earn some coin on the side as he finds a crew and keeps flying the black.

Having completed Atom & Go: Genesis I decided to plunge into a sequel. The story is mapped in my head and a rough outline stares at me when I sit down at my computer. In addition a few shorts have managed to creep out of my head on onto the page.

Thanks for checking out my thoughts and writing. Please share as I’m an indie-author relying on you to carry out my grassroots attack plan.