Atom & Go Series


Atom Ulvan, Left Fist of the Emperor, lived a life of power until a rival family destroyed the Meriwether Han. Fleeing the death behind him, Atom must use his unique skill-set to survive. However, Margo, his two-year-old daughter, gives him reason to live and keeps him from a suicidal, all-out war on his betrayers.

Genesis — a space-western odyssey across the galaxy that forces a gun-slinging rogue to balance his life between putting coin on the table and coping with fatherhood on the fly. Hop aboard the One Way Ticket with Atom and Margo as they fly the Black in search of redemption, revenge, and a quiet place to take a nap.

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When a bounty goes pear-shaped, Atom adapts on the fly. The line between target and ally blurs, and he finds himself searching for a mythical ship lost in the Black. Along with his two-year-old daughter Margo and his rag-tag crew of the One Way Ticket, Atom must contend with a continuously shifting landscape of friends, foes, and not-so-innocent bystanders.

Enter Lilly, assassin, spy, mistress of disguise — she might be the toughest prey Atom and Margo have ever tracked across the Black, but the payout will keep the One Way Ticket flying a little longer.

Atom and Go battle their way across the frontier on a quest at first not their own. What lies at the end of the trail? Maybe riches, glory, or death . . . or maybe something beyond their wildest imagination.

Hop aboard the Ticket with Atom, Go, and his crew as they search for the only place a body can be truly free — out there flying the Black.

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