The Busker Abides

A few shorts have left my brain to be enshrined in the annals of digital history, at least until some cataclysmic event washes away my digital footprint. One is a continuation of A New World in which a road-trip is required to save a sister away at college. The other piece is about a world in which prison is an electronic damping field.

Both shorts are in editing.

The elves are busy at work.

In other worlds, Atom & Go have started out on a new adventure. I’m planning on published a new section here in the near future… maybe even by the end of Christmas break.

There is a new antagonist and a new pro/anta-gonist who will hopefully give Atom something to dwell on as he goes about keeping Margo safe. The crew is still geared up and ready to do anything to keep their family safe as they continue to trawl the black in search of jobs.

Genesis has been selling well and I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to leave a review on Amazon. Every review helps me out. Also, the hard copy is available through Amazon. I know Christmas is passed, but feel free to give a late present to the sci-fi reader in your life.

I’ll keep writing and editing as long as you keep reading.

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