Update & Request

I just wanted to check in and touch base with everyone who has been following my blogsite. Thank you. Your support gives me motivation to carve time out of my busy schedule to sit down and write.

Currently, I’m working my way through Atom & Go Doo. I have a couple ideas for a title, but I’m not too worried at the moment. I have the story outlined with plenty of gunfights, a few more characters, and a couple twists that should keep the pages turning. I have around 120 pages or 40k words, whichever way your brain processes writing.

If you have had a chance to check out the couple excerpts from the beginning (keep in mind they are a rough draft and may change) you have stumbled across Lilly. She is my newest character and let me just say, she has some interesting quirks.

So, there is the update and now to the request.

I’ve been reading Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files and just started in on Side Jobs, which is a collection of short stories interwoven through the prior twelve books. Reading it has set an idea in my head.

It might be fun to write a short story or two set in the A&G universe that expands some of the stories of the supporting cast.

If I do settle down and write a short, which character would you like to see the story focus on? Who do you want to know more about? Leave a comment and I’ll see what I can come up with. Also, as a challenge to me, throw in a theme that I will do my best to weave into the story.

Lastly, I want to thank the newest followers of The Literary Busker. As an Indie Author readership is mainly gained through word of mouth, so new followers means the word is spreading. And, if you have read Atom & Go: Genesis, please leave a review on Amazon. The more reviews posted, the more it helps my positioning within the Amazon hierarchy.

Thanks all. Keep flying the Black.

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