Last Chance

I am pleased to announce that I have signed a contract with Three Furies Press. They will be releasing a 2nd Edition of Atom & Go: Genesis. There may be a few minor changes, but for the most part it will remain the same story. I am excited that it will be promoted and distributed on a much wider scale than I could ever hope to achieve on my own.

All that to say, I will be pulling the current edition of Atom & Go down from Amazon next week. So, this is your last chance to pick up a 1st edition. The 2nd edition will be released in early July, 2020.

In other news, a week and a half from now (Nov 9 & 10) I will be at Twin Tiers Comic-Con selling the last of my stock of Atom & Go. Feel free to come out and say hello.

Between now and July I will have my nose to the grindstone as I work with the folks from Three Furies to get everything together and lined up for a new release. They have quite the checklist of things I need to accomplish.

On top of working towards the new release, I am diligently working on a sequel. With 65k words, I’m trying to think of what a proper title should be. For some reason I can’t come up with anything that seems to fit. Three People Trying to Find Treasure seems generic, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly is already taken, and Stelles Eques seems a bit pretentious. I’m sure it will come to me someday.

In the meantime, keep reading and keep flying the black.

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