Stuck in the Nothing

Lock-down continues.

I woke up this morning and felt like a rock, not a log, a rock. I didn’t want to move. I could hear the world churning up around me like an old car trying to start.

It’s an hour later and my brain still feels like a mixture of cement and oatmeal.

Even coffee isn’t helping a whole lot.

The good news is that I have the ability to work if I can crawl myself upstairs to my office. Atom is drawing close to the final fork in the road. To say he has life and death weighing on his mind is expected. He’s a gunslinger, so the whole violent death thing is a given.

But he has a decision that will have greater implications down the road.

The only problem, is I have to write it… and I haven’t decided exactly what he would do in this situation. Two endings exist in my mind and I haven’t chosen.

Honestly, I’m waiting for Atom to decide for me.

How would a futuristic gunslinger roll the dice on fate? Would he play some sort of Russian roulette? Or perhaps flip a bullet and decide based on how it landed? Or maybe he sits and thinks it out? What if he lets Kozue crunch numbers and give him the best possible solution?

Oh well, I have a few pages to write before Atom comes to that crossroad. That means I have time.

I really am blessed, I have my imagination to escape into when I can’t leave the house. I’m not really sure how other people cope with being trapped.

There needs to be a mandatory lock-down movie playlist. At present it includes The Great Escape, Escape from Alcatraz, and Shawshank Redemption. There are plenty  of other movies that belong with this list so feel free to share them in the comments.

Sorry for the tangent, back to Atom & Go. For all of you who have asked me about what happens next, I have great news. Three Furies has picked up the second book and it is tentatively slotted for publication early next April. I guess that means Atom needs to make up his mind and figure out how to finish up the adventure.

Don’t forget that Genesis is being republished July 9. I’m hoping that the quarantine lifts by the end of the summer so I can get out to the Boston Fan Expo to sell my book in August.

If you want to send me info on your local convention I could see if I could make it out near you to do signings and face-to-face meetings.

Well, enough ramblings. I’m going to get back to writing. I just received a message that line edits are done on Genesis. That means I’m one step closer to getting that book on the shelves.

In the meantime, keep on reading and keep on flying the Black.

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