Trinity on the Horizon (Atom & Go 2.6)

As I’ve said in a couple recent posts, Three Furies Press has signed on to publish the second book in the Atom & Go saga. With a tentative publication date of early April 2021, I have my work cut out for me. As of today I have just tucked into the last segment of this tale and I’m hopeful that I’ll finish a rough draft in the next couple weeks.

On that note, I’m going to pull a couple excerpts out to whet your appetite. Keep in mind that this is first draft, so things may change.

 *     *     *

            Daisy plunged towards Blatt, his power gauntlets destroying flesh with precision blunt force. His shield caught the scattered shots, but a few of the enemies shifted their attacks to non-energy weapons. The raging giant managed to deflect a knife thrust enough to escape the attack with a long gash along his upper arm. He pulped the attacker’s face with a lashing backhand that launched the body sideways into another group of attackers.

In front of him Blatt backpedaled, guiding his lady behind his bulk as he poured a continuous stream of blaster-fire into Daisy’s shield.

“Keep firing,” he roared as Daisy dismantled a pair of guards who stepped between their liege and the intruders. “Overload his shield. He doesn’t have long. Keep shooting, boys.”

Daisy charged forward, opening up the flanks and forcing Shi and Hither to spread wider. Ducking and weaving through the carnage, the pair of Valkyries flowed forward on an uncharted course that defied the soldiers of the Markshan. As Hither gained the wall she snatched a guard in a choke-hold and used him as a human shield to press towards the entryway to the house.

Shi, on the far flank slithered forward in a serpentine route that dodged and darted between the enemy, dropping them where the opportunity afforded itself.

More soldiers poured from the innards of the house, streaming by Blatt.

The tables had shifted, if not turned, and the new guards found themselves caught in a pincer with blades to the flank and a shielded battering ram plunging up the gut.

Behind the safety of his human wave, Blatt guided his lady to safety and turned to look back at the crew as they minced through the guards seeking to place themselves between the intruders and their lady. The look on his face conveyed an understanding that he could only prolong the inevitable.

Daisy, missed the look as his ursine rage consumed him, leaving him to devour those before him.

Blatt ran, pulling his lady before him.

*     *     *

Beyond writing, I’m in the process of lining up reviews for Atom & Go: Genesis. I’m searching out blogs, vlogs, and other book related outlets. If anyone has a connection to anything of the sort, let me know and I’ll put you in contact with the folks at TFP.

Just be aware, the strings are coming together in my head for the conclusion of book two. Together we’ll see where the story takes us.

As always, keep on reading, stay positive, and keep on flying the Black.

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