Wandering the Imaginary Desert

There are times in life where writing is the absolute last thing on my mind. There are also times where it feels downright impossible to come up with anything creative.

Right now it feels like my imagination has locked the front door and retreated to huddle in the far corner of the attic.

For the time being, I have contented myself with sitting outside and watching the leaves drift from the trees like a yellow/red snow flurry in the bizarre warmth of this 70 degree November day. I keep hoping that tomorrow the door will unlock and ideas will ramble forth like the springtime of imagination.

I need to work. I need some quiet in my head. I need to understand where the story is going.

They say not all who wander are lost, but do all who are lost, wander?

That’s where Atom seems to be. He is wandering, trying to understand what his priorities are. He needs to decide. Unfortunately, I’ve put him in a very uncomfortable position. Now I need to help him decide if there is a best course of action.

I also need to stop blowing things up. I might have to backtrack and rewrite the current section.

In the real world I’m stuck in the opposite position. Atom has too many choices and I have too few. The world is closed, like a mind drugged into the doldrums. Fear holds us captive and stifles our outlets.

Maybe tomorrow will unleash the muse.

In the meantime, dig out a classic, play dodgeball with your kids, and keep on flying the black.

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