It’s not every day that I pitch a book not my own. However, today is one of those days. I’m proud to announce that both my father, Carl Winderl, and myself will be publishing books this year. While mine might have more pew-pew, my dad’s book definitely compels the reader to think.

The Gospel According to Mary is Winderl’s fourth collection of poems to be published by Finishing Line Press.

As the name connotes, this collection of poems follows the life of Christ, but from a unique perspective. I mean, think about it, who is the one person to have followed Christ from birth to death? Disciples, nope. Joseph, honorable mention. The Sanhedrin, laughable.

Mary …

Here is the jacket blurb I had the honor of writing for my father–

The Gospel According to Mary

            Winderl strikes again. In his newest collection of poetry, he once again manages to bridge the gap between Catholic and Protestant beliefs about the Mother of Christ.

            Mary, the one voice to travel the path of Christ, from birth to death, finds life in Winderl’s words. Neither deified, nor merely human, Mary speaks from experience as she lends voice to the path Jesus wandered from joyous birth to agonizing death. Each poem in the collection masterfully captures a scene in the life of Christ and lends human emotion to flesh out the story.

            With power and poise, the words leap from the page and imprint a flesh and blood woman into the minds of the readers. Her voice resonates with our own experiences and forges a connection with one of the most mysterious figures in the Bible.

            Prepare to be swept up in the story and left with a new perspective on a life so often tucked into the background.


Yes, I admit, I may be a touch biased, but family sticks together. I will admit, poetry is not my usual cup of tea. The same may be said for many of you readers out there. Just remember, sci-fi is viewed by quite a few with the same level of distrust. But we all know someone who likes it. In fact, I can’t tell you the number of people who have said they don’t like sci-fi, but they do like Atom & Go (somewhere between 10 and 10,000). Individual poetry is in the same boat and appeals to the individual.

Keep that in mind this holiday season and help spread the word for another indie-author.

For some samples of my father’s poetry check out the University of Dayton and some of his prose at Storyhouse Writers.

In the meantime, keep on reading, make a snow angel, and keep on flying the Black.

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