Where are the Dads?

As I continue down this rabbit-hole of querying, it has really struck me how unique my book is in most sub-genres of fiction and film. Even in general fiction, father-child stories are rather rare.

Now I know there are some out there: Lone Wolf and Cub, The Rifleman, or Taken for example. And then there are adoptive father-child motifs like Treasure Island, The Mandalorian, Book of Eli, or Man on Fire. Seriously, in most of the books with children as the protagonists the father is a secondary, carboard character who does little to impact the story … unless he is abusive and fuels the protagonists need for growth and change.

But I’ll reiterate, where are the Dads?

I know there are a lot of fathers out there who love to read. Do they miss having a character they identify with as a loving father?

In an era where the focus is on the negative impact of men in general, we seem to have forgotten that there are a lot of awesome fathers out there who love their children with all of their hearts. Sometimes that love is gruff and distant, but other times it involves special times together learning and growing.

Film and literature loves to focus on children and their drive for independence. That’s a natural part of adolescence, but at the same time there is always an underlying bond between a father and their children.

I aim to portray that connection and fatherly love in Atom & Go.

Atom tries to balance love and affection with knowing when to let Margo take her own steps. In fact, in Trinity Margo has a sequence where she is forced to save the whole crew on her own. I guess that doesn’t fully add up since there isn’t anyone to help her except Kozue, but she takes what she has learned from her father and tests her mettle.

I tip my hat to all the Dads out there, including my own, who strive to be superheroes to your kids.

In that vein, a quick question — what are some books, films, or shows that portray a father-child story (true family or adoptive)?

While you are contemplating, keep on reading, keep building relationships, and keep on flying the Black

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