It’s Done

After a long delay, Trinity is finally available on Amazon.

I had trouble sleeping Wednesday night. But as I lay there staring at the tiny sliver of streetlight bisecting the ceiling, I couldn’t help but wonder why? At that point everything was done. Everything had been submitted to Amazon. There was nothing I could do to change anything.

We pour so much of our time, energy, and creativity into our stories. Then we just set it free. And somehow, in that freedom, I couldn’t sleep.

The funny thing is, I couldn’t think of anything specific keeping me awake. It didn’t feel like the pregame energy I used to get the night before a big game. It didn’t feel like trouble coming down the pike. It didn’t feel like Christmas eve excitement. It was just wandering mind syndrome.

That night is over.

The pub day has come and gone. Books are starting to move off the theoretical shelf. I think that’s the right term, I don’t know what you say about ebooks. Do they poof out of the ether? Any way about it, they are starting to move somewhere, somehow. And the fun part about Amazon is that I can see the up-to-date tracker that tells me numbers and all sorts of other information.

Now that I’m a day removed, I’m sitting here staring at the beginning of book 3, tentatively entitled ‘The Manuscript’, and trying to slip my head back into the story.

Do I jump right back into the thick of it?

Should I take a week and work on my tan?

Maybe I should get back to cooking?

I just don’t know. I see people joking about being in a show-hole. That’s kind of how I feel right now. Drained. Tired. Needing a beach. But I have these stories bouncing around the inside of my skull.

Maybe I should dive into reading. I’m pressing on to the final thousand pages of Les Mis and I’m liking it. I just started 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle and have had trouble putting it down.

The only problem, Margo is tapping me on the shoulder asking, “What ’bout me?”

I think I’ll grab another cup of coffee and see where the day takes me.

For all the rest of you keep on reading, go sit in a coffee shop and watch people walk by, and keep on flying the Black.

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