Beyond the Galaxy’s Edge

Could you pick an author out of a crowd?

Sometimes I wonder. A couple of weeks ago my family went to CA for spring break and the whole family spent a day together at Disney. To say it was magical would be cliche, but it was a great memory for all the kids. I think even us adults had fun.

One of the highlights for me was the new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

Only one of the rides there was open, but to immerse myself in the superbly crafted atmosphere was worth the price of admission. I felt like I had stepped into the realm of every space-western out there.

From the architecture to the alien food roasting on spits, Disney captured the nuanced spirit. I fully understand that it is all about marketing and money, but if they can make you feel like you stepped out of our realm of existence and onto a distant planet, I’ll buy.

It’s what I write. The stories that fall out of my head could have played out on those winding streets.

But, as I wandered along, I wondered if there were any fellow writers in the crowd? I wondered if they were as impressed as I was? I wondered if writers live completely in their heads or if they overlay their imaginary worlds over the mundane.

I’m definitely guilty of the overlay.

Sometimes I play out scenarios in my head that project onto the scene before me. A coffee shop could be a meeting point for more than just buddies catching up. A scenic hike can be the setting for a final chase for treasure. The library might provide a quiet corner for Atom to snatch a quick nap.

To answer the question above … I have no idea. Statistically, with the number of people at Disney, there should have been a couple writers. But we are like shapeshifters. We are hard to pick out of a crowd.

As spring approaches you’ll probably find me at my grill, dreaming about a galaxy far, far away.

In the meantime, keep on reading, keep on dreaming, and keep on flying the Black.

4 thoughts on “Beyond the Galaxy’s Edge

  1. /.

    Red meat, right off the bone! I have the perfect landing pad for a small ship at the top of the hill. Might have to clear away a few trees first. Not sure if the ticket would fit up there, but Serenity would.


      1. /.

        Siberia has returned for a visit. It was 70++(22C) last week; today 43(6C). No tornados here, despite the state running a test today.

        Maybe we should move to Mexico. What do you think?


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