School’s Out … For Summer

The deeper down the Atom & Go rabbit-hole I go, the more I ponder real life happening through the lens of the God’s Hand Galaxy.

School just ended for my kiddos.

That got me thinking, what does Margo have in store for education?

She has a couple years until kindergarten if she goes by our current standards. Perhaps pre-school is a thing. But how does that work for a freighter family that continually flies the Black? Will she be dropped at a boarding school on some First Knuckle world? Maybe she will do the remote learning thing. Could Kozue be her AI tutor? Daisy seems to have some brains hidden behind his brawn, he could teach her the basics and some piloting to boot.

Are there galactic standards? Does the Empire have such a reach as to enforce those standards?

Are there any correlations to people on our little planet? Are there modern nomads? According to the internet, there are quite a few of them out there around the globe. Some are following a nomadic culture while others have chosen a life off the grid.

So, what do they do for education? Would their choices overlay with what Atom, Margo, and the rest of the crew go through on a daily basis?

Perhaps there will be a wandering teacher. Maybe the One Way Ticket will fall in with a convoy that could offer some educational opportunities.

For now, I’ll just enjoy the summer. I have some options to mull over.

In the meantime, keep on reading, keep on growing, and keep on flying the Black.

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