Dark Fantasy from the Western Hills of NY

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of selling my books at our local Twin Tiers Comic-Con.

While there I crossed paths with a couple local authors. Lucky for me, Caytlyn Brooke agreed to write a guest post for the Busker. I asked for a brief piece on her writing style and journey.

Caytlyn delivered.

* * *

Hi! I’m Caytlyn Brooke, a dark fantasy horror author from Elmira, NY.

One of the biggest questions I receive as an author is, “How long does it take you to write a book
from start to finish?”

For me, from conception to publication each book takes about two years. One full year I dedicate to writing the story. 6-8 months I’m consumed with the editing process and then the last
few months I spend most of my time scrolling Pinterest to find the perfect aesthetic photos in which to
market the book.

I’m also asked if I’m a plotter or a pantser and as much as I wish I could create an outline and
stick to it, I am 100% a pantser. Which means I have a basic idea of characters and where I’d like the plot
to go, however, I don’t follow a detailed outline or set word goals for myself.

In this way, I’m able to relax and have fun with the creation of the story.

Plus, it’s exciting to see how varying moods and the dominant emotion of the day impact my writing and weave the plot through different labyrinths. Not only does it keep the writing process interesting for me but helps ensure my readers will be kept on
their toes as well.

Another element curious onlookers wish to know is my preference for music.

Many authors create the perfect soundtrack, inspired by the ringing notes. As for me, I write in absolute silence. I’ve
tried many times before, even using only lyrical music yet the melody clashes with the flow of my words
so unfortunately music as a muse doesn’t work for me.

I’d also love to tell you how I sit atop a warm armchair at a beautiful desk surrounded by my books when I write, but sadly all my novels have been penned at the dining room table amid the chaos of the day and my family. That’s why word goals have
never appealed to me because I write sporadically, so 17 words one day would be a huge win!

One of my favorite books I’ve written is a contemporary sci-fi called, Wired. When I first started
writing, I never thought I’d write a sci-fi novel, but then technology exploded, and I found I had a lot to
say regarding the subject.

Wired takes place in Boston, MA in the year 2031. Rather than a handheld device, phones are
now implanted at the base of the skull where sensors connect to the brain stem and flood your occipital
lobe with incredible VR and delicious waves of dopamine.

Thrill seeking apps such as cliff jumping or swimming with sharks is available with a single thought.

At first, Maggie is wary. It’s not hard to see the effect tablets and phones have on society. Couples no longer talk over dinner because they’re each scrolling social media sites and children and teens don’t learn proper communication skills or empathy
because from infancy they are plugged in. The only relationship that’s been fostered is between themselves and a screen.

Pressured by her friends, Maggie buys the new device and from the first connection she is
hooked. Using at work, at home, commuting, and while hanging out with friends. It isn’t until she takes
it off that the hallucinations start, accompanied by nausea and other withdrawal symptoms.

My goal in writing Wired was to parallel people’s constant dependency on their phones today
with a possible futuristic figment as a wake-up call to put down the phone and live and love organically.

For many readers, it is a difficult book to read because it makes them confront their own phone usage
and it’s an uncomfortable truth to admit. On the flip side, readers have contacted me to say thank you.
Thank you for opening my eyes to this before it was too late.

If you’re curious, Wired can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble online, and my publisher’s
website along with discussion questions. You can also follow me on TikTok @caytlynbrooke_author

Thank you so much for having me! Happy reading!

Wired is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Check out Caytlyn’s page at BHC Press.

* * *

Thank you all for checking out and supporting a fellow author. Thanks to Caytlyn for taking time out of her writing schedule to contribute something to the Busker.

In other news, tonight 12/5/22 I will be a guest on the season finale of In Progress with Julia Allen and Joe Compton. You can check out the live podcast, starting at 9pm and after that on Youtube. We will be discussing fight scenes in literature. Also, Genesis was reviewed by Shawn of Post Apocalyptic Media. Check it out.

Looks like you’ll have to wait until tonight to see my beautiful face. Until then, keep on reading, keep encouraging each other, and keep on flying the Black.

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