Mid-Week Words

I’m closing in. The next step is in sight. It’s there, but somehow I can’t decide if I’m more nervous or excited. The cover is in the hands of the graphic designer and I’m getting Atom & Go formatted.

Enough of that shop talk. I would love some feedback on the main characters. Sometimes I find that my characters jump out of my head and into a scene and other times they creep out, one shy step at a time. Honestly, I don’t know that Atom would stand out in a crowd without the help of Margo. She completes his character. Sometimes I wonder where this story would be without her.

Is Go the keystone to the story?

I’ve started working on a sequel and while I’m progressing at a snail’s pace due to trying to get Genesis out there, I often dwell on the characters. What works? What doesn’t? Do I craft them just for myself or do I hope that their diversity will strike a chord with each separate reader?

It has to be both. If the story doesn’t connect, then it would be better off staying on my desktop.

A friend threw out the idea of writing some flash fiction focusing on different characters, perhaps in their own voice, like a journal to give their perspective on some of the happenings throughout Genesis. What are your thoughts?

As soon as I have a firm date for publication I will be shouting it from the rooftops. In the meantime, I hope I can post some potential covers for feedback.

Keep on flying and keep on reading.

One thought on “Mid-Week Words

  1. R;B;

    Oh, Zach — Keep on keeping on! Flying the Verse!! So glad to hear there’ll be a stand-alone version of this story — especially to tell others about.

    No: Atom & Go are separate but equal. Love ’em both.

    And the flash fiction type pieces for each of the other ‘crew’ in their own voice: Cool!

    I’ll take All the Tuesday/Friday Installments til the book is available.

    And Yeah: bounce your potential covers off us, your loyal reader-fandom.

    Into the Black!!!



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