One Step

It’s been a long journey. Sometimes I look at Atom and feel like I’m looking at my own son. Albeit, older and a tad more callous, but I see the sense of adventure and determination that my son radiates when he flashes his cocky grin and says, “Watch this.”

Atom is only my second hero, my new protagonist. The first was a man-child named Hudson. Unfortunately, he lived in the pages of a sprawling space opera (think Game of Thrones sized books set in space) and I found out I had a better chance of being struck by lightening and winning the lottery at the same moment than finding a publisher willing to take a chance on a first time author with a 1,500 page manuscript.

But I learned. Atom crawled up from the depths of my mind with Go in tow.

Writing fits with my soul like an old pair of shoes that I want to wear more often. Having finished the full draft of Atom & Go I have the time to kick off those shoes and read over what I’ve created.

That time allows me to wonder where my characters come from. That led to my next dim idea. As we draw close to the conclusion of Genesis, I’m slowing down with my actual story posts and I plan on transitioning this blog somewhat. Friday’s will still be story days, but the earlier post will have more to do with the writing and the stories.

Atom is the beginning. From there I’ll jump into the other characters, give some backstory, field questions on the characters, and maybe plant a seed that will turn into a side story or two.

To all who have read this from the first adventure… I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Let’s head back to the black.

2 thoughts on “One Step

  1. Jerry D

    I have really enjoyed these episodes. Episode 1 was pretty much like being thrown overboard while whitewater rafting, but after that it really came together.
    Keep up the good work!


  2. R;B;

    Hello, Zach —

    Thanks for the ‘behind-the-scenes look’ by you the author. I enjoy these almost as much as reading the episodes themselves. I feel like you’re sort of ‘pulling back the curtain’ so that we get a peek at the ‘Wizard’! Keep them coming. R;B;


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