What’s In A Name?

Atom Ulvan Meriwether…

Atom, or is it Adam? I aimed for the primal character with Atom. He was the first, the father of the story. Everything I write descends from him. At first my goal was to create the somber, scowling protagonist. He was to be slow with words and quick with his rail pistols.

But, like any character, he evolved. Atom grew.

I sometimes look at science fiction and wonder at the character’s names. Like a lot of concepts in writing, it seems that names fall into a long pendulum of creativity. Either characters have names that are so exotic that the reader has trouble associating them as names or the names are so mundane they leave the reader scratching their heads. Some names have longevity, but when all the characters sound like the people you went to high school with, there might be something off.

In Atom & Go I tried to find that medium. Some names are everyday, others are adaptations of names you use on a regular basis, and some have a touch of exotic. Human language is constantly in flux, full of ever changing slang, colloquialisms, and definitions.

Language evolves.

Names evolve.

Hopefully, Atom is a demonstration of this fact.

One thought on “What’s In A Name?

  1. R;B;

    So, once again, Zachary, you ring the bell with your clever insightful writing and especially your “thinking out loud’ for us, your faithful fandom. But like usual, I want more: any insight about his middle name? and his last? In fact, I’d love a series of ‘mini-essays’ like this that would provide all kinds of insight and back-stories on the characters. Any chance that’ll happen? My Tuesdays and Fridays are always better because this blog.


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