The Day of Reckoning Approaches

For all those who have faithfully followed my blog-site… many thanks. This has all been a major learning experience. Atom & Go has been a work of passion and love as I’ve poured my imagination into the words on the page.

For those of you who don’t know, I had an accident last summer and fractured my L1. While many would see a broken back as a curse, I saw a blessing. I used the twelve weeks on the couch to write the first draft of Atom & Go: Genesis. The ensuing year has been a convoluted juggling of work, ideas, and most importantly, editing.

Atom & Go are finally reached the end of this amazing journey.

I am happy to announce August 21st as my publication date for Atom & Go: Genesis.

I have begun the process of publishing the book through Amazon on their Kindle platform. There are quite a few hoops to jump through, but I have a couple weeks to get everything lined up.

Please start spreading the word and sharing this date with everyone you can. I promise not to overwhelm with endless self-promotion, but just know that as an indie-author everything I do is word-of-mouth, grassroots publicity. I rely on your help for telling people about my book and if you purchase the book reviews and ratings are greatly appreciated.

I’m overwhelmed with joy and excitement. Thank you for your support and love.

One thought on “The Day of Reckoning Approaches

  1. Jordan

    Super proud of you and all the ‘crazy’ rolling around inside that head of yours! So many stories to share! ❤️ You deserve this.


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