Input Welcomed

I’m currently working my way through Amazon’s publication process with the 21st my goal. One of the requirements (suggestions) is a blurb about Atom & Go: Genesis. I am doing my best, but have always found condensing the book into three paragraphs to be the hardest part of writing.

I have a draft, but would love feedback from anyone who has read all or portions of Atom & Go.

            Atom Ulvan, left fist of the Emperor, lived a life of power until a rival han destroyed the Meriwether clan. Now, on the run across the galaxy, Atom must flee the death behind him and use his unique skill-set to survive the challenges ahead.

            Only one thing prevents Atom from a self-destructive, all-out attack on his enemies, his two year old daughter, Margo.

            Atom & Go: Genesis is a space-western romp across the galaxy that forces a gun-slinging killer to balance his life between trying to stay alive and coping with fatherhood on the fly. Hop aboard the One Way Ticket with Atom and Margo as they sail the black in search of redemption, revenge, and a little peace and quiet.

Does this capture enough of the book to help a reader catch the flavor of the story? Is there enough of a hook to entice readers?

All thoughts and ideas are welcomed.

2 thoughts on “Input Welcomed

  1. fightforthemissing

    Very well worded though not sure if you can succinctly describe the haunting grief of the loss of Kozue (and the surreal reminders through the ships AI). Might be tricky to try to capture but would awaken the love interest aspect of the story, which would catch another niche of the market’s attention.


  2. Bong Adobo

    Dear Zach, the warrior writer balancing a life battling Amazon and fatherhood.

    Your summary in 3 paragraphs or less does a good job for me of introducing the reader to what they will find inside the cover.

    Hook? It feels more like a jab then a hook. I don’t have any suggestions so maybe it knocked me out and I’ll realize it when I wake up.

    Interested to hear what others say. It is well done!


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