Jumping the Gun

I’ve heard the saying, “the early bird gets the worm.” Unfortunately, I’m not sure this applies. Amazon said publishing through their site could take 72 hours. Rest assured it does not.

I just published Atom & Go: Genesis.

If the 72 hours had played out my first book would have been published on my birthday, however it is now an early birthday present to myself.

So, on this beautifully rainy Saturday, consider spending $5 on… Honestly, what can you get for $5 these days? Oh, wait, you could get a copy of Atom & Go: Genesis and spend this rainy day curled up on the couch with a lovely e-copy of my new book.

And, I promise, on the pages of my library, not to harangue you guys with endless promotion. There may be a few scattered promos, but for the most part I plan on using this platform to keep kicking out the literary jams. (Probably short stories and random thoughts, but maybe a recipe for jam too.)

‘Til next time… keep reading.

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