In Search Of…

As I sit here pondering the next step I can honestly say I’m glad it rained last night. Now I have the afternoon free to paint with words instead of brushes. Plus, it’s ninety-something out in the sun and I can hide under the ceiling fan in here.

Last week I published Atom & Go: Genesis. The target date had been August 21, but thanks to Amazon working much faster than I had anticipated it came out over the weekend. I have no idea what good numbers are for an indie-author, self publishing his first novel, but I feel like I had a fairly good turnout. My first request would be to please share the link to the novel with everyone you possibly can. My second request is to please rate and review my book when you’re done. Every review helps me immensely.

Speaking of reviews, that’s the next step. If anyone knows of book reviewers (print, blog, YouTube, etc…) please point me in their direction. Also, if you guys might have any connections that would give me an in with the reviewer, that would be amazing.

In the meantime, I’m going to start researching and see where that takes me.

Make sure to look for a short story to surface in the next day or so.

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