A Few Five Stars

The writing began with a flurry and slowed with reviewing and editing. Then, in the doldrums of summer, it died. Summer calls for slinging paint and funding this addiction of mine.

Now, however, school has started back up and the demands for beautiful painting have dropped off.

Writing begins again.

Kozue has been talking to me. She’s whispering something about her own story, and while I haven’t deciphered everything she is telling me, I have a good idea of where she wants me to go. There is a story waiting to be written about her past, about the time before death and before resurrection within the techno-vault of the One Way Ticket.

In addition, I have started working on the sequel to Atom & Go: Genesis. Outlines are done. Although, I never stick to the outline, so we’ll see where this one ends up.

In the meantime, thanks to everyone who bought a copy of my book.

Pass it along.

Write a review.

Enjoy the freedom of the Black.

One thought on “A Few Five Stars

  1. R;B;

    Love these stand-alone pieces, especially with background and insight.

    I am so into “Genesis” I can not wait for the sequel.

    Until it sees the light of day I’ll stay tuned to “The Literary Busker”!


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