Politics and Art

It feels like everywhere you look these days you find a political angle. I wonder at what point a movie stopped being entertainment and entered the realm of propaganda? Why can’t a book be a book and a song about a bonfire at the beach not a platform about social reform?

I remember certain bands from my youth having political stances, but it was a part of who they were. Nobody was surprised when Rage Against the Machine wrote songs about inequality, revolution, or oppression. It was in their name. But when Green Day graduates from Longview to American Idiot and starts using their stage as a soapbox or U2 decides to follow a love song with a ten minute rant about how horrible America is, I just feel drained.

At some point we need to get away from trying to make a statement and get back to creating art. And yes, I know, some art is meant to be subversive, to push the boundaries, to make people think and discuss. Realistically, though, art is supposed to be an extension of our creative emotions. We need to tap back into that wellspring of creativity and enjoy well rounded characters, songs that touch our hearts and take us to a place we haven’t been in years, or movies that make us want to put on a cape and save the world.

As artists and creators we need to connect with our audience and not try to club them over the head with our ideas. We cannot force creation on people and expect them to enjoy it.

Writing is my escape.

Keep on reading. Keep on Creating. Keep on flying the black.

2 thoughts on “Politics and Art

  1. Carl Winderl

    Mr. Zachary — You continue to make writing and reading and thinking relevant. I love it, whether it is flying in the black or flying in the face of celebrity know-nothings who think because they can walk and talk in front of camera or throw a 98 m.p.h. fastball — or hit one — should express an opinion about politics, government, economics, or history with substance when they don’t seem to have any idea about essence. Oh, my — look what you’ve inspired my reply to be. Keep at it, Mr. Winderl, Writer. Someone hand you an unused Castle jacket


  2. Jerry D

    Art is tricky. Great art is even more challenging. Artists are sort of tricky, too. Then add in politics and religion and truth sometimes leaves the room,


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