Sounds a Little Pitchy

Upon stalking myself on Amazon yesterday it came to my attention that I’m on the best seller list… at 1,128,593 on the Kindle list and 3,497,360 on the print list. I like round numbers, so I’ve set a goal of getting to 1,128,500 on Kindle and, you guessed it, 3,497,300 in print. Several ideas have crept into my mind as I mull ways to claw up the ladder.

First, to all my Christian readers, Lent is just around the corner. What if this year you gave up not reading? I know that would be a huge sacrifice for many of us, having to put down our phones or the tv remote in lieu of a book, but it could be well worth it.

Hey, that might not be a bad idea for everyone. Find balance in life. Unplug from the digital and plug into the literary. Unless you want to help me with that Kindle ranking, then go ahead and read on your phone.

The second way we can meet the goal is to spread the word like a grassroots wildfire. Mention my book to friends and family. Leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads. Plug away on social media. None of these things cost any money, but they will help me out tremendously.

Thirdly, check with your local libraries and book stores. By requesting a book there may be incentive for them to carry Atom & Go. Once again, this costs no money, but a little time and conversation if you happen to find yourself in one of those places.

Last thought, invite people to check out my website. While it doesn’t lead directly to sales, it allows people to peruse my work and get a feel for what I have to offer.

Enough with the sales pitch. I know, people don’t want to be bombarded with advertisements, especially ones without pictures, but every once in a while it helps me out.

On the other side of my brainpan, I’m planning on posting a short on Friday. Would you guys rather read a follow up to A New World or an older short about a couple college students getting into trouble with some futuristic tech?

Let me know, leave a comment below and I’ll try my best at counting on Friday morning.

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